Private Labelling

We Sew Them In!


T-Shirt branding is a top concern for some of our clients who market products such as skateboards, bikes and sunglasses or even t-shirts as their primary item. Having the T-shirts branded with their own custom labels adds value. If this is in line with your goals, just supply your labels and we deliver your custom printed t-shirts with the labels sewn in complete. We can also refer you to one of our custom t-shirt label partner factories at your request.

If you need a design layout for your label that ties in with your t-shirt printing program, we would be happy to assist you. The design we create with you can be forwarded to the t-shirt label factory for production. Printed labels can be produced locally with as few as 500 units required per design. However, there are higher minimums for woven labels and this is primarily done offshore.

We also offer label removal service and can screenprint your brand graphic on the inside of the neck, directly on the t-shirt. This is a favorite process of brands targeting a higher price point, premium custom printed t-shirt. There is an additional cost for this service as it takes extra time and effort to turn the t-shirt inside out, one by one to prepare for printing. Then after the print run is done we turn them all back right side out for proper delivery.

In addition we prepare a separate screen for each size of t-shirt in your order, for example S, M, L, XL, XXL.

We usually recommend using a single application of plastisol ink for this style of labeling as it can show through to the outside of the t-shirt if the print is too dark or too opaque. More branding experience and expertise that sets us apart in the t-shirt printing industry.