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Custom T-Shirt Designers

We have an eye for what sells on t-shirts and understand how to effectively communicate your message. With over 25 years of experience and countless custom t-shirt designs created, you can leave your design project to us.

Either schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, or e-mail your graphics directly to us. We handle all color separation and film output necessary for your job, and have the control to make necessary changes on site. We realize the importance of good communication. This is fundamental in any custom work performed in ANY industry!   If something doesn’t look right, we CONTACT YOU and work with you to deliver high quality results. We want you to succeed, after all, your success is our success too! Yet another reason why clients consistently return to Orion Screenworks.

Whatever you budget, printed T-shirts are an economical way to promote your brand, company, sports team, band, association, service, event or even family reunion. People love to wear graphic tees. Custom T-shirts are money invested working for you!  Whatever the message, printed t shirts are a fun way to get your name out there. Sub cultures love t shirts as a way to make statements about their identities. Never has there ever been such a versatile clothing item that transcends cultures, genders, and genres, where the difference is all in the custom t-shirt graphics. Same T-shirt, different graphic, different person, different statement made. What a great way to communicate your individual concept.


Our staff designers have years of experience creating excellent t-shirt graphics and have an eye for what sells. We can help you design your graphic to help effectively communicate your message. Humor is an effective element to add to your t-shirt concept, people love to laugh. We have had years of success printing and selling custom t-shirts with “plays on words” and phrases with great custom t shirt designs that gets results. Your name will be organically circulating wherever people go because they love to wear graphic tees. People travel, and your message can travel with them!