Tee Shirt History

Life without T-shirts is almost unimaginable, yet “T-shirt” only became a word in the English language in the 1920’s and to wear t-shirts as fashion was only acceptable by the late 1960’s.

The European armies of W.W.I wore lightweight cotton undershirts … read moreduring the heat of summer and by W.W. II the Americans caught on with their Armies and Navies including t-shirts as under garments in their standard uniforms.

By the 1960’s screen printing technology advanced and people began to print t-shirts as the basic t-shirt style evolved into tank tops, muscle shirts, scoop necks and v-neck t shirts. Creating even more commercial success, tie dying t-shirts became a popular look and symbol of a new culture of t-shirt wearing hippies and rock n’ roll fans. Sports Teams and Rock Bands began to realize large profits printing custom t shirts to market their names.