T-shirt History

Life without T-shirts is almost unimaginable, yet “T-shirt” only became a word in the English language in the 1920’s and to wear t-shirts as fashion was only acceptable by the 1960’s.

The European armies of W.W.I wore lightweight cotton undershirts during the heat of summer and by W.W. II the Americans caught on with their Armies and Navies including t-shirts as under garments in their standard uniforms.

We have Hollywood to thank for t-shirts becoming standard clothing items after actors such as James Dean, John Wayne and Marlon Brando shocked America by wearing their “underwear” on television. T-Shirts really became a standard clothing item after James Dean popularized the t-shirt look in “Rebel Without a Cause” in 1955.

By the 1960’s screen printing technology advanced and people began to print t-shirts as the basic t-shirt style evolved into tank tops, muscle shirts, scoop necks and v-neck t shirts. Creating even more commercial success, tie dying t-shirts became a popular look and symbol of a new culture of t-shirt wearing hippies and rock n’ roll fans. Sports Teams and Rock Bands began to realize large profits printing custom t shirts to market their names.

Now T-shirts are considered a commodity and their commercial success is your opportunity! Convenient, fun and always fashionable, printing T-shirts is an effective way of sending your message to the world.