Love for T-Shirts

I love T-Shirts. I caught on to the t-shirt craze in the early 80’s with the punk rock movement, printing my own t-shirts with limited equipment on the dining room table! Despite my lack of money, I had to have my favorite punk band logo printed on my t-shirt to tell the world who I was!

My mother was in a textile course at the time and brought home some basic t-shirt printing supplies and I was fascinated. Away I went to art class in high school spending all my spare time printing t-shirts. Now 26 years later, our team at Orion Screenworks has printed millions of impressions on countless T-shirts in our 22 years in business. With thousands of customers over the years, we are North Vancouver’s original custom t-shirt printer and we are grateful for your business. What a wonderful business custom t- Shirt printing is. Such a simple product that makes a different statement with custom artwork, we are making that difference one custom printed t-shirt at a time. Positive energy and love for T- shirts!