Official T-Shirt Printing Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Orion Screenworks was selected as an OFFICIAL T-shirt printer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. We passed our VANOC Social Compliance Audit and are a certified FAIR TRADE T-shirt printing Vancouver company offering good wages and a safe work environment for our appreciated t-shirt printing employees. You can be confident that your custom t-shirt printing business is going to a good local company where employees are treated well. A couple of the Vancouver t-shirts we printed for the games are posted below:

T-shirt printing Vancouver

A couple of designs Orion Screenworks T-shirt Printing Vancouver produced for the 2010 Olympics

T-Shirts Vancouver 2010

Recent Work: Precision Racing Engines T-Shirts

Racing Vancouver T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt Printing for Precision Racing Vancouver

A custom t-shirt design for Precision Racing Engines in North Vancouver. These guys know how to make horsepower, check the video of a motor build Orion had done for his 1968 Camaro. Wow, I have over 21,000 hits on my video!

Custom Printed T-Shirts North Vancouver B.C.

FREE Shipping in Canada
Orion Screenworks is your reliable source for custom printed t-shirts in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Serving clients since 1988 we offer 22 years of experience printing custom t-shirts and a wide range of apparel. We are fully equipped to produce small printed t-shirts runs or large production quantities.
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Custom Printed T-Shirts for Promotion

Whatever you budget, printed T-shirts are an economical way to promote your brand, company, sports team, band, association, service, event or even family reunion. People love to wear T-shirts. Custom T-shirts are money invested working for you! Continue Reading

Fully Equipped T-Shirt Printers

Our years in the t shirt printing business, and years of branding experience clearly sets us apart from other printers. Many of the other local shops were in fact started by former employees of Orion Screenworks. We are fully equipped to produce small t-shirt Continue Reading

Tee Shirt History

Life without T-shirts is almost unimaginable, yet “T-shirt” only became a word in the English language in the 1920’s and to wear t-shirts as fashion was only acceptable by the late 1960’s.

The European armies of W.W.I wore lightweight cotton undershirts … read moreduring the heat of summer and by W.W. II the Americans caught on with their Armies and Navies including t-shirts as under garments in their standard uniforms. Continue Reading

Love for T-Shirts

I love T-Shirts. I caught on to the t-shirt craze in the early 80’s with the punk rock movement, printing my own t-shirts with limited equipment on the dining room table! Despite my lack of money, I had to have my favorite punk band logo printed on my t-shirt to tell the world who I was!
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T-Shirts Canada

Orion Screenworks T-Shirts Canada. We effectively promote t-shirt printing services for various clients and t-shirt printers in Canada, much of our business is referral based. Year after year our tshirts Canada clients return to purchase again. By producing a quality product on time and on budget, customers keep coming back to t-shirts Canada.
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